Jillian Nelson DBA JBooth

Distinguished as “JBooth” in the below agreement.


The below items outline the terms and conditions of purchasing and using JBooth Products and Services.

All clients of JBooth whether paying for or using the service free of charge are subject to the terms and conditions below upon contract execution.

Acceptable use: Any client or guests using JBooth services agree to only use appropriate and legal behavior in the booth. A verbal warning to cease said activity will be executed to guest and client if any activity deemed to be inappropriate or illegal by the JBooth attendant occurs. If activity does not cease, JBooth reserves the right to delete any media files related to such activity and/or cease operations of the booth. If booth operations cease due to unacceptable use, no refunds are required from JBooth to client.

Required space: JBooth staging area is required to be 6X6 feet for booth operation with an additional 3x6 area for accessories, including requested props for services. Outdoor staging areas must be clear, level and sturdy enough to support booth equipment and guests. Area must provide shelter from raining, wind or other inclement weather. Working electrical outlet must be located within 10 feet of staging area or extension cords need to be provided by client to reach closest outlet. If required space or electrical service is not provided by client, JBooth cannot complete their services and all payments to JBooth will be forfeited.

Operation time: Due to general maintenance and upkeep of the equipment, it is not expected for JBooth to run non stop for 100% of the rental period. It is acknowledged by the client that the booth can only be active for approximately 90% of the rental period. Any missing time over 10% of total rental can be requested for refund by the client if 1. The downtime was due to JBooth. 2. Missing operational time is documented by client. JBooth reserves the right to review and approve all refund requests. % of operational vs downtime and prorated amount will be at the discretion of JBooth only.

Payment: Invoices will be sent via email or snail mail upon execution of contract. Payment is accepted through credit card, bank transfer and personal check. Non refundable 50% deposit is due upon booking. Balance is due 10 days prior to event. If contract includes multiple events, 50% is due upon booking. 50% is due 10 days before last event. If full payment is not received, JBooth is not required to provide any services to client. If additional payments are required due to expanded services, fees are due immediately by cash, check, bank transfer or credit card transaction.

Partial completion of services: If full services cannot be rendered by JBooth, a prorated % of payment will be refunded to the customer. The % of services and amount will be at the discretion of JBooth only.

Liability: Client agrees that JBooth will not be held responsible for bodily injury or property damage unless such claim is due to JBooth’s gross negligence or willful misconduct.

Refunds: Refunds that are determined due will be refunded to the customer within 30 days via check.

Visitors of jboothphoto.com or its affiliated social media accounts are subject to the terms and conditions below:

Website/Social Media: All files and images found on jboothphoto.com or other social media sites for JBooth are the sole property of JBooth and should not be used without permission for any reason.

Ownership: All photos and other digital media are the sole property of JBooth and JBooth reserves the right to sell or publically publish as it sees fit.

Privacy Policy: Any information collected through Jboothphoto.com or through email or phone correspondence between client and JBooth will not be sold to a 3rd party. Information may be used for future JBooth marketing initiatives or correspondences. To unsubscribe to future contact, client may email contact@jboothphoto.com and request to be removed from the list.